FastandSocial.com – 3 Easy Ways to Get More Out of Your Blogging Efforts

The Internet creates endless opportunities for aspiring bloggers to make a personal connection with a targeted audience. But the “build it and they will come mantra” won’t do you much good in the blogging arena.

It goes without saying, for your blog post to hit a home run, you must write content that attract and engage your readers. However, your posts will strike out if your strategy is limited to compelling content. That’s because writing an awarding winning piece is only half the job. You’ll only achieve success if you build a community of regular, responsive readers. In order to increase your blogging efforts, you must do more. Here are three things you must add to your lineup if you want to get more out of your blog.

Include A List Of Related Posts

Simplify this apparently labor intensive with a WordPress plugin. There are several plugins to choose from, but the Yet Another Related Posts or Link Within plug-ins are most popular. They’ll both accomplish the same things, but the Link Within plugin is more visually appealing. The plug-ins use an in-built algorithm to serve up related posts based on the titles, tags and categories of the post. Related posts at the end of each blog post will encourage your readers to explore your blog further rather than navigate away after reading the current post. In search engine terms: Related posts will reduce your site’s bounce rate.

 Ask A Question

Ask a question at the end of your posts and you’ll give your readers a reason to leave comments. This actually works to increase engagement on your blog. Some questions are more effective than others, so you’ll have to find the right formula. Keep in mind that you don’t have to include a comment at the end of every post, but include it whenever it makes sense to increase comments. Be consistent, even when you don’t see immediate results because it takes time and the answers could arrive many weeks later.

Social Sharing

Twitter is a mecca for content sharing. Adding a tweet button at the top and bottom of your posts will make it easy for followers to tweet your content. In addition to the official Twitter button, you can use any number of plugins to insert a button on every post. The truth is that blog readers are tweeting interesting content multiple times a day using mobile internet offered by sites.. They’re reading and tweeting from their mobile phones and so you must implement the tools that will make it easy for them to share.

Like your “Tweet” buttons, a Facebook “Like” button is another way to increase your blog’s exposure. The success of “Like” buttons varies according to your blog’s niche, but you won’t know how effective it is unless you try. If your blog feature a lot of images and other media, a “Pin It” button will also increase social sharing.

Used properly, these tips will help boost your blogging efforts and lead to better SEO and social media engagement.

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