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First place in Google search results for the right keyword can mean a lot of visitors and more sales. That is why everyone wants their site to be on the first page of Google results. 
Unfortunately, many still don’t know what factors convince Google that your site is more relevant to the search query than millions of others. Nevertheless, there are four simple rules that will help you see your site on the first page of Google search results:

Rule number 1: do not try to fool Google. 
Google aims to show the most relevant pages in search results, wishing to provide the best answers to a search query. 
If you try to get a high level of page ranking for a key phrase, which the page actually does not match, you are unlikely to get a good result. In fact, it can be regarded as spam. If your site consists mainly of advertising and referral links, then getting a high level of ranking will be very difficult.

Make sure that the text on the pages of your site can provide answers to the questions of people who come to the site from a search engine, for a key phrase. It is better if the information presented on the site will be of interest to visitors. Creating good content for a site may take some time, but it will pay off in the long run.

Rule number 2: Pages should seem Google relevant. 
Website about flowers will not get high positions in the search results for the phrase “cars”. This means that if you want the site to appear on the first page in the search results for the phrase “buying a car on credit,” then the site should be devoted to cars, and not to orchid cultivation. 

Thus, it is necessary to optimize the site for certain search phrases. Optimisation means that you are helping Google understand what your site is about. Google search robot visiting the pages of the site, analyzes the following elements:

? link structure
? tags “title” and “meta”
? Text in the body of the page (between the tags “body”)
? headlines
? alt image tags
? site architecture and inbound links to the site 
? outgoing links 
? Many other factors HTML page code 

Each of the mentioned elements may contain keywords and show Google that your site corresponds to the chosen topic.
You also need to be careful not to re-optimise the site and not be banned by the search engine. It is important to optimise the necessary elements and insert key phrases with the correct frequency. You should not abuse the frequency of mentioning a key phrase in the text and other elements. The simple rule is that the text should be readable and look natural. Mention the text of the key phrase in different word forms and using similar phrases. The concentration of repetitions of the key phrase is a question under discussion, my advice is 2-3%. If the text contains 200 words, then the number of repetitions of the exact key phrase in the text is no more than 4-6 times.

Rule 3: Other sites must confirm that your site is authoritative. 
To further optimise the content of the site page, you need to get links to it from other sites. From the point of view of the search engine, it is believed that other sites thus confirm that your site corresponds to a particular topic. Given the above, it is clear that the most valuable are links from sites of similar subjects. In a simplified form, this can be stated as follows: “The more links from other sites to yours, the more authoritative it is in the eyes of the search engine.” How to choose sites for posting links,we said earlier.

Rule 4: The site should have a clean history. 
The age of the domain and its history is also taken into account by Google. The age of a domain matters, generally, the older the domain, the more authoritative it is in the eyes of Google. If the domain has been imposed sanctions, such as for spam, then age will not help, the history is spoiled, although there are types of sanctions imposed by Google (filters) that are removed from the domain after a time if the reasons for which they were imposed are removed. This question deserves separate discussion. And it may be considered in more detail in one of the following articles. However, now this topic is quite popular and discussed, almost at every seo resource.

If you follow these rules and optimize the pages of your site accordingly, this will necessarily improve its ranking in Google. This will not happen immediately, but over time you will see a positive result.

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