FastandSocial.com – 4 SEO Tips For Ecommerce Websites

An ecommerce website can prove a highly effective way of running a business. You can sell your own products or you can make affiliate sales. With good connections and effective marketing you can make money from a dropshipping arrangement too. However, one aspect of running your own e-store that shouldn’t be overlooked is that of search engine optimisation or SEO. Create unique content for your pages, including product descriptions and reviews, use canonical links, and add images, video, and other content which can be incorporated into an efficient social optimisation plan too.

1 – Create Unique Content

Most manufacturers and suppliers will provide content that you can use on the pages of your website. However, many other websites will be using the same content and this means that you will not gain the benefits that you want from having unique, high quality content. Write your own descriptions, consider asking readers to submit their own reviews, and add other content to your site.

2 – Avoid Duplicate Content Pages

Duplicate content should be a consideration throughout your SEO and content strategy. With ecommerce stores, it is possible that a single piece of content end up being repeated on a number of different URLs. One product may be found in a number of categories and therefore have a number of different pages. A dress available in five colours and five sizes in each of those colours may have as many as 25 pages showing what appears to be the same content. Using canonical links is vital to prevent this from becoming a problem. You don’t have to write unique content for each page and you still receive the benefit of each page this way.

3 – Add Images, Videos, And Other Content

Text isn’t the only form of content that exists and it certainly isn’t the only type of content that you should have on your website. Product descriptions and user submitted reviews are very beneficial but look for other ways to incorporate quality content. For text, you can add how-to guides, buyers’ guides, and more. Add unique images, video reviews, and even webcasts on the items that your website sells.

4 – Get Social

One benefit of adding these various types and formats of content is that you can then use them to help promote your website. The first page of search results not only contain textual listings but video, blog, news, book, and image results too. Shopping feeds, local listings, and other universal search results can also be found in abundance on the front page of the likes of Google. With varied, high quality content you can attempt to be listed in all of these sections.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce sites are typically large websites and they provide their owner with the opportunity to add various forms of content regularly. This means that there is a great opportunity to dominate search results, benefit from social media marketing, and enjoy greater traffic and sales levels. Make the most of these opportunities to enjoy the best possible results from your marketing.

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