FastandSocial.com – 7 things your visitors will never like.

Universal reasons why your site will always be “bad.”

Perhaps no one has yet managed to create an ideal website that could get into the Chamber of Weights and Measures. There is always a corrosive user, which copyright curve, and the design – coarse. But there are those site evaluation criteria that your users will never like, no matter how obvious the benefits of their (criteria) on the site are. Here are the top 7 things that usually irritate users.

1. Change of design.

It is probably difficult to give an example of a site that has had the same design for a long time, and then decided to rebrand it, which was done. You can argue about the money of the world that in the first three comments will certainly sound: “Fu, what a nightmare, return the old design!”. It is impossible to fight this – you can either accept it stoically, especially since after a week, when everyone gets used, no one will remember what the old design was like, but you can gradually introduce changes, accustoming users to the new style.

2. Availability of paid services on the site.

With the exception of sites whose essence is in paid services, users do not like the rest. This does not mean that they will not use it fundamentally – premium accounts, paid invites and even paid smiles, as on Odnoklassniki will diverge with a greater or lesser degree of demand, but still their very presence will disturb users. Especially those who for some reason can not afford them.

3. The presence of advertising on the site.

Does not require comments. Any advertisement – as regards not only the Internet, but also any space on which advertising can be placed, is our main enemy. That is why evolution has helped users acquire “banner blindness,” which allows them to ignore aggressive advertising. This is a perpetual question, but users still click on ads, and webmasters get revenue. However, when choosing advertising, one should only take into account that, according to the research of COMCON company to the Russian audience of Internet users, almost 80% of users are loyal to contextual advertising. At the same time research Metrics show that most users don’t like ads with pop-up and drop-down windows (78% of the audience). On this basis, it is possible to reduce the overall level of discontent.

4. Availability of moderation on the site. 

Actually for those who have a forum, chat, comment fields and other forms of feedback in the public domain on their site. In general, such fields, of course, need moderation, in order to avoid spam, offtopic, flyim, obscene language, but until at least one character appears on the forum or chat room who says “Moderator is a goat!”, He (forum or chat) will not be successful. By the way, for the bravest, this is not the worst way to get your share of PR. A well-touched inadequate character can bring the message about what a bad forum you have to quite a significant audience.

5. The absence of moderation on the site. 

Paradoxically, you can even be banned at udaff.com. Unfortunately, the essence of the Internet is such that, although anyone can come anywhere and write anything, chaos tends to order. Spammers and inadequate personalities always interfere with constructive conversation and annoy the part of the audience that came in the case. They will be dissatisfied with the lack of moderation, although not one inadequate network character perceives himself as such, of course.

6. Lack of media elements.

These include: banners (at least with internal links), smiles in messages, flash screensavers and the like offtop. With this quality of the Internet, which is available to more and more Belorussians, it is possible to make websites more complex and colourful, and the absence of flash and java decorations may seem like some past century. According to iFocus research , the user often does not like the abundance of text that is not “diluted” by images or other elements.

7. Availability of media elements.

The part of users who have not been lucky enough to still dial-up or count traffic will, of course, not be happy with the abundance of the above. In general, when creating a site, it is worth taking into account the interests of this part of the audience rather, since the site is simpler and is “eaten” by search engines with a big appetite. In any case, the content is the main thing, and you can always do without smiles. Moreover, as the above studies show, the “Skip Screen Saver” button (before entering the site) is one of the most popular on the Web.

Here is a short list of those items that may cause user dissatisfaction. However, the user can almost always be dissatisfied with something, and the only thing that always causes respect and the desire to return again is interesting high-quality content, whether it be articles, music, games or video.

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