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Basic Seo Techniques

  December 24, 2013

Title tags
Title tag is the one of the most important tag in the seo. The keywords used the title tag must be unique according to se  a best title should have some of  qualities first important quality is the tile tag should not be not more than 70 characters then we can includes the keywords such as company name for branding and then product which sell or service which you provide is tag the title tag must  informative so the person who searches for  information and lands in your page.
Meta description
Every website should have metatags along with the title tags every page on your website should have meta description. The character should not exceed 150 to 160 characters it should include at least one keyword phrase.
While meta description are found in snippets in in search engine result pages.the meta description is very important for the click through rate (CTR) A good meta description can increase the traffic of the website it show the difference between your site and your competitor.
Heading tags
After adding title and meta description in the header section of the page then if your coming to the content of the page to improve the weight of seo value of the website you can concentrate on the <h2> tag because while writing the content you can keywords in the heading and make visitor and search engine understand that your theme and you can get more traffic.
Link between the pages
 There are two types of links one is inbound links and another is the outbound links the are also link which present in between the pages these links also helps you in the seo.
 Sitemap is very important for the website the site map help the search engine understand how many pages are the these and other information are given in the site map you generate a sitemap for the website.