FastandSocial.com – Choosing the Wrong Keyword for your Site is a ‘WASTE OF TIME’

Keywords play a centralized role in Search Engine Optimisation. Keywords are those words or phrases which gets associated with your site in search engine indexes. Keywords are the important part of SEO and are used to describe your site best. Choosing the right keyword for your site is the first and the most crucial step of a successful SEO Campaign. It is quite known to all the SE Optimisers that keyword stuffing is a strict ‘NO’ for search engines and they highly depreciate it.

But unfortunately for their SEO efforts, a lot of site owners choose keywords for their site that aren’t quite as helpful as their site owners believe. So, certain keywords must be take care of while choosing for your site and also to see whether it is a complete waste of time or not.

Imprecise Keywords:

Many words or phrases can mean dramatically different things and also depending on the content, it is being said. The same thing happens with keywords too. While choosing keywords for your site, it should be made clear that the particular keywords describe your site best; it should be relevant to the context and more appropriately the products or services that are being offered in the website.

Too much competitive keywords:

Too much competitive keywords are not appreciated at all. Site owners sometimes use too much competitive keywords for their sites which are not at all beneficial. Keywords with medium or less competition should always be preferred. Picking good keywords takes a lot of time. Optimizing them at the same time is also very time-taking and sometimes can be expensive too. All webmasters check for keywords that are never used and which ensures you a top rank in the search engines. It is guaranteed and often they met up with keywords.

Giving a proper search phrase:

Suppose you are having a local business and targeting on a specific location then if someone who is searching for the same content, needs to give the relevant keywords targeting the location of the site. For example: If you create a SEO content writing site in India, a person wants to have the same service. If he searches, then he would search as “SEO content writing in India”, rather than searching it globally as “SEO content writing”. Global search phrase would recommend you all the SEO content writing services being available all over the world where as mentioning in the search phrase the particular location would definitely help up in searching for the phrase in that particular location only.

Know the Location of Placing your keywords:

It is important to know where to place the keywords so that it is appropriate for your site.

Site owners sometimes give keywords in the site content which is not very effective and it almost gets very tricky for the search engines to find it. However, most search engine experts recommend placing the keywords near the top of webpages, mainly in the title, as it helps the search engines to grab for the title being displayed in their search results.

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