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Following the recent Panda and Penguin updates recently, the content written for websites has become more of a focus; being more relevant and of better quality. Google is penalising content which is full of keywords to the point of being spammy and of little relevance to the site/products. You now have to adhere to SEO techniques with better quality content.

However, you should remember that readers won’t read all of your content. Readers are more likely to read your content if there is less there. You need to strike a balance between trying to get across your unique selling points and the design/usability of the site.

There are 4 key points to consider when writing your site content:

  • Work  Above The Fold

The content your first see when you land on a page is the most important. Users will quickly flick to another page so it’s imperative to get your message across quickly and efficiently. Headings, Bullet Points and Call To Actions are the main features and therefore should show above the fold to achieve better conversions. Once you have added in Headings, Images, Menu options etc there may only be a small space to add your content.

  • Keywords and Unique Selling Points = Conversions

Every company has a unique selling point that differentiates them from their competitors. It is important to use these benefits and differences along with focus keywords to capture the reader’s attention in the use of Headings. The general rule is to include your main selling point in your H1 and the second selling point in your H2 etc etc. Conversion headings are on the site to capture the reader’s attention so if you can get them to read a few more sentences or bullet points then it’s done its job. If you include your main keywords in the headings then this creates a parallel between your website and the search results. If someone search “Oranges” and that keywords appears in your H1 tag you have created a link that will register in the reader’s mind and keep them on your site.

  • Bullet Points

Bullet points, similar to headings, offer incentives for the SEO and conversion metrics. They stand out from all the other text and also break up the page which means they are more likely to be read. However, if you fill your page with bullet points it can dilute the impact on your readers so balance is key. If you list the services/products and benefits it’s more likely the reader remembers this. The lists of information can also be linked to the relevant internal pages. This also helps with navigation of the site for both readers and search engines.

  • Call To Action

Call to actions should be on more than one page and be uniform across the site. They are there to remind readers what they are on the site for, whether it is to sign-up, enquire or buy. You can also use your keywords, naturally, in the call to actions which reinforces them, as well as having them mentioned throughout the content on the site. Again these call to actions should be above the fold.

So balance content with and SEO techniques to help with conversions. It’s all well and good getting the traffic to your site but it’s useless if it doesn’t achieve anything. Do this with Headings, bullet points and call to actions.

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