– Strategies to Build Effective Backlinks

Backlinks: Backlinks are the links that help in interconnecting the website’s anchor text with that of other sites. These kind of links act as votes of advice for any site, which are necessary for that search engine spiders in respect of these while helping your organic rankings.

Link Building is believed to be one of the most important aspects of SEO and is highly advisable by most of experts in the SEO market. It is one of the best ways to acquire keyword rich links to articles, directories, social bookmarking sites and many more.  Ranking algorithms takes many factors into consideration, and one which makes a move and plays an important role in pulling up the ranking is link building. There is a sheer need to innovate and create multiple strategies to building links. I believe that if link building is done carefully then we can easily avoid all kinds of resulting issues.

One thing before going forward, I was introduced to a client two days ago and he said that building has lost its charm and now link building can’t help much in the pulling up the ranking especially with the rise and fall of blackhat techniques, I know you have also talked to some people similar, this is not true at all. Link Building is still alive and has not lost its relevance and charm in the market. You just need to focus on creating quality link building strategy as one quality backlink is equivalent to 20-30 links. Create a good plan of action for building links and I am sure no one can beat you, you are set to receive a positive response in Google SERP’s.

After doing lots of research on link building i have stated some strategies with the help of which you can pull up your site in the search engines results.

Here are few strategies that still work! (Still):

Press Release: – One way that is helping the sites is  the use of a press release. Create a press release, roll it down with for the reply and the links from the potential readers. If you gave a great press release you will gain quality backlinks. Otherwise you will get something that can do nothing for you.  Press releases can help in creating a people’s awareness for the site.

Words of Wisdom: Do not submit your own article or post otherwise it will get duplicated by anyone and you will not be able to follow through with your plans. Beware while posting press release as Google has become stricter and are counted them as spam. Try to build real news into it otherwise there will no relevance of the press release.

Internal Linking: – One of easiest way to do backlinks and link building is Internal Linking. It is treated as an on-site thing but if you are doing it for search engine PR and crawlers than it will be treated as an off-site factor. The biggest advantage of doing Internal Linking is that it makes navigation easier for the user.


.Gov/ .edu extension: – Getting links from government sites or educational institutions is like winning gold. If you will be able to get links from theses sites than one thing is sure that you have become the king, and now one thing you need to do is just wait and watch. Like someone said with great powers comes great responsibilities, this concepts is followed here as well. If they are offering great work, then you also need to do hard work as getting links from these sites is a tough task to do.


Social Media: – One and the only motive for doing link building through social media is that you can get the attraction of the people. You will get the recognition in the market. They also send minor signals to google to move the Seo needle sparingly.

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