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Do you immediately decide to publish an article after it is written? Me not. I always want some time to pass before publishing an article. It can be useful to do something else. Thoughts, all the same, will revolve around the article. This break, taken before the publication of the article, will allow to correct, supplement or simply improve the text of the article. And according to this, do not rush to click the button “Publish an article” when it is ready.

Why not rush to publish an article

1. Finally, the article is finished. Before you publish an article, you need to check the text for errors that could not immediately notice. There are many ways to check the spelling of an article. One of them is the WORD editor.

2. before you publish an article, at the beginning of the article you must specify its purpose, interest the visitor so that he does not leave without reading the article to the end.

3. Before posting an article, check all links. We must be sure that these are not broken links . And although all the links that are given in the article are copied, there are moments (without going into details) when they turn out to be non-working.

4. It is good when at the end of the article added articles of similar subjects. This can be done with one of the plugins. Now it is difficult to find a blog that would not add articles of similar subjects, but this item deserves attention before publishing the article.

5. Do not forget to specify the source of information of the article, if necessary. Plagiarism, as we know, is not welcome. It will open sooner or later. So think about this before you publish the article.

6. Check the address link of the future article. It can be, for example,% postname% or some other parameter.

7. Before posting an article, make sure that you remember to write the tags “title” (title of the picture) and “alt” (alternative text). It will be a shame not to do it, because besides decorating an article with a picture, according to such data, visitors also come, and this means that you can increase attendance a little more .

8. Are you taken to the main page of the blog heading? Categories help visitors find the right article faster.

9. Check the accuracy of the specified keywords of the article and, in general, did you forget to indicate them, in this case “publish the article”. Correct selection of keywords is difficult to overestimate.

And what can you add, dear reader, to this small but important list before you publish an article?

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