FastandSocial.com – Great Examples of Using Print to Help Promote a Blog or Website

Today’s digital world most online business and blogs seem to forget about print marketing, and just how effective it is. A shockingly low number of blogs and online businesses use printed marketing materials in their advertising efforts, and I think a lot of this is due to the fact that people just don’t realise that print marketing can work wonders for your blog or online business!

If you run a personal blog, then the chances are that you really enjoy the topics that you blog about – it’s probably a topic which you talk about to people on a daily basis, not just on your blog, and I’m sure there’s been times during a conversation where you have told someone the URL to your blog because you have some content there related to what you are talking about, but, it’s not easy to remember a URL, and chances are the person you mentioned it to will forget it long before they get to a computer, but if you have a nice personal business card with your social details and blog URL on, then you can just hand that over during the conversation and the person is much more likely to check your blog out when they get to a computer. It’s not just materials like that which you can use either, you can get creative and have things printed such as 6 x 9 presentation folders, table tents, and all sorts of creative materials.

I’ve found a few awesome examples of materials which people have had printed in order to help them market their personal blogs or online websites, hopefully you can take some ideas from these and put them into your own designs to help start marketing your blog or online business through the use of print!

Hopefully these examples have got you thinking “outside the box” and feeling creative. If you’ve never tried print marketing for your online business or blog before, then this is definitely a new avenue which you should pursue. So many online businesses don’t think to advertise offline, so you’re already one step ahead of them by reaching potential customers through print which your competitors aren’t even targeting. With all of the examples above you should be able to come up with some really awesome designs which will work wonders for advertising your blog or online business through print.

If you’ve finished your design and you’re looking for a printer, Our Full Colour printing service is second to none; they provide a manual quality check on each order, this guarantees that the printed marketing materials you receive look exactly as they’re supposed to. Some companies don’t bother quality checking their prints, and the results you end up with are terrible, you certainly wouldn’t want to be handing the materials out to any potential clients.

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