FastandSocial.com – How to drive the right type of traffic to your website using SEO

Not everybody has the time to construct a complete digital marketing plan to help promote their business or website. Some of us have to pick one strategy or method and concentrate fully on that, as opposed to spreading out our time. This can definitely have a positive impact; as long as you pick the right method. Top of the list, as always, is SEO which can drive plenty of the right kind of traffic to your site. This guide shows you how.

Doing your research                                                                                                

Before you even consider using SEO as a way to drive traffic to your website, you will need to do your research first. Think carefully about the type of people or customers that you want to attract, as well as what it is your business offers. You can then use several keyword analytic tools to find out what those people are searching for and the competition all fighting for those same words. Have a look through the competition’s websites, as it can give you some great clues as to what makes them so popular.

So what does make them popular?                                                                                                               

No matter what the industry, or niche area, there will always be one thing that sets high ranking pages apart from the rest; content. Whatever you may already know about SEO, one of the first things you are likely to have learnt is that you need high quality, unique content. Without it, search engines are not going to rank your pages very highly, regardless of keyword density. When looking through the competition’s websites what did you notice about their content?

Was it just one page, or were there several pages? Perhaps they had a blog or news and articles too. Having various pages of relevant content can also help fit in many more keywords, without cramming the home page with them.

Driving the right traffic to your website

Now that you have had a good look at how other’s are doing it, you are going to have plenty more ideas of how your website can be improved. However, don’t just copy what the company in the number one spot is doing, or you won’t get the ‘unique’ side of the content. Always make sure that the content you choose is actually relevant to your industry and to the people who will be visiting your website. Otherwise, although you may be getting traffic, it will not be the right kind of traffic.

It can be great checking your stats and finding out that thousands of people visited your site over night, but if you have made no sales then it is not worth them visiting! Industry news stories, articles and opinions, as well as blog posts, are a great way of attracting the people likely to spend.

Getting traffic to your website is a great achievement, but it is even more of an achievement driving the right traffic to your website. Using SEO you can fight your way to the top of the search engines, as long as it is something relevant to your website or business. If you do not have the time to use analytic or statistical websites and software then ask a professional to help you out!

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