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How to Ensure Your SEO Recipe Doesn’t Result in a Flop

Finding a recipe for good SEO strategy isn’t hard. But getting all the ingredients mixed in the right proportion to ensure consistent and predictable results can be tough. The notion that “Content is King” has been emphasised so much that it’s almost become a cliché. But good content is one of the four key elements in a successful SEO strategy.

Get Good Content

We’ve all seen search results where poor quality content has been pushed higher up on the page but contains inaccuracies and even factual errors. That may provide an initial boost for a short-term jump in visibility to Google users, but if the content you’re offering is sub-par, the reader suffers. And if you’re offering poor quality content, nobody wins in the end. If your content is accurate, on-point and well written, Google will reward you and readers will love you. Everybody wins.

The Importance of Onsite Architecture

If you have great content but haven’t taken the time to construct your page architecture for good onsite SEO, you won’t be able to tap into the SEO value of your content. You’ll be making your readers very happy with the content, but you’ll be a long way from leveraging the true value of the content. Effective SEO is all about maximising potential. It can be tough to get right and some effective SEO folks have gotten good because they’ve learned through trial and error.

SEO 101 might prevent some initial rookie mistakes. How many SEO campaigns have laboured extensively, only to find out that the landing page hasn’t been constructed with any thought to SEO value? Is the keyword you’re using even found on the landing page? You’d be surprised by how often this happens.

Learn to Use Links

You’ve got good content and your landing page has been tweaked to optimise SEO value. What can you do to amplify your content? You need to be linking to sites that provide a value-added source of important, relevant and timely information. In the most basic usage, links just provide information. That’s important. But that’s not where link usage should stay.

Using links imaginatively can offer additional information that complements your content. Think of it as link 2.0. If you’re using links in an information-only context, you’re essentially offering a monologue. When you can plug in links that offer additional information that complements your content with unique ideas and thought leadership, you have the potential to turn the monologue into a dialogue.

Using links in this way allows for an exchange of ideas rather than a one-dimensional perspective. Making your content part of an exchange of ideas allows it to accomplish more than just provide well-written information.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Using social media effectively is the fourth ingredient you’ll need to maximise consistent and predictable SEO results. As a tactic in an overall SEO strategy, social media is often tacked on almost as an afterthought.

To really work well, the social media component needs to be viewed as an integral and necessary component that can work to ensure effectiveness. After you’ve laboured to make your content the best it can be, tweaked the onsite architecture of your site and incorporated links intelligently, social media can amplify your message.

The true power of social media is really its ability to operate as a force projector. If you have an outstanding piece of content that’s timely and a great example of thought leadership, get that message out through tweets, Facebook likes and the power of the +1.

A good piece of content can experience a snowball effect when influential folks in your industry see it in a tweet and pass it on through social media to their networks. Done right, social media can create a near exponential increase in awareness.

Think of it as a good way to create buzz in a carefully orchestrated way. If you can incorporate these four ingredients of the perfect SEO recipe into your SEO strategy, you can expect to experience a big boost in results without the flops.