FastandSocial.com – How to overcome stagnation in the promotion of the site.

Stagnation in the promotion of sites happens quite often. Positions do not grow, the influx of visitors from search engines does not increase despite all the efforts made. The process of promotion as if rests on a blank wall. Often, even an increase in the promotion budget does not help. The initial growth of positions can be easy and rapid. Then it slows down or stops. On competitive topics, further promotion to the top positions can be very difficult.

In order for the site to move forward from the dead center, you need a whiff of fresh wind. Today I will talk about how to make this whiff. The main thing – do not despair, stagnation – a phenomenon in the promotion of the usual. To overcome the stagnation in the promotion does not necessarily spend more money.

Combination of promotion methods

Used promotion methods can be combined. I like to combine promotion methods and change combinations every month. One month is enough to make full use of these or other ways of promotion.

I will give the most frequently used combinations by me. After the combination “paid posting of articles + buying bloggers on blogs + bulletin boards” works well “promotion with press releases + link exchange + social bookmarks”, then I switch to “paid posting of reviews in thematic LJ communities + paid posting of fixed topics on thematic forums + free posting of articles. ”

I usually use three methods in each combination. After two months, returning to the original combination also gives a good effect.

Naturally, if you buy links with payment for the time of placement, they need to continue to pay parallel to the combinations of methods.

I noticed that the use of combinations of methods and their alternation reduces the dependence of advancement on the change of search engine algorithms. There is an explanation for this – in algorithms, from time to time some of the promotion methods increase their value from the point of view of a search engine, some reduce it. And the use of combinations of methods gives an influx of various external links.

As a result, the site receives a variety of external links, which according to their sources change every month. It’s as if instead of canned and salted venison you go to Italian, Mexican, Japanese and other restaurants, changing them regularly .

Expansion of the list of website promotion methods

The main effective methods of website promotion in modern SEO are about a dozen. Additional methods – a little more. All ways to fully use is impossible. Surely you have in mind there are several methods. If the promotion rested on the wall – it’s time to use them. Often the reason for stagnation in progress is that the same methods are constantly used.

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