FastandSocial.com – How to start promoting your blog from scratch?

This is followed by useful information for those who have finally gathered, created their own interesting blog and wondered what to do with it further. “How to promote your blog”, – many, almost all novice bloggers ask, and the answer is, in fact, extremely simple – to work and not be lazy.

Of course, this is all abstract, but still, what to do specifically, you ask. You have a blog, and why create blogs – to write interesting and entertaining, useful and necessary – here and write. After all, no one is surprised that the most popular and visited blogs, no matter what subject, are blogs with lively and intriguing articles in which the soul of the author is felt. Not with one or two articles, but dozens of interesting articles. So, let’s take in order how, where, and what to write, so that your blog from just-created has become popular, readable and commented.

How to start promoting your blog from scratch?

1. You need to write a lot and actively. Not just unsubscribe, pouring a couple of sentences about anything from empty to empty space, but sharing with readers something that they can, even potentially, but be interested in. You should look for current topics, news, scandals, news – please the reader not with dim info, but with a really beautiful post that you want to read again and again, which you want to share with your friends. This is the key to future popularity.

2. Do not forget to comment on posts on other blogs, leaving links to your blog. Here the main attention should be paid to the following point: avoid the so-called govnokakment as much as possible, which carry practically no semantic load, but only annoy (“Thank you, interesting article!” Try to understand what the author wrote and express your opinion, present and detailed attitude to the author’s work, you can even argue with the author – as a result, again, potential visitors to your blog who are interested in your comments will come to you.

3. It is very vital to remember to add your posts to Social Bookmarks and Social Networks for webmasters. This is a simple and effective way to new visitors. You can also put links to other people’s blogs in their posts. The author, of course, will notice this – and maybe he will also put a link on your blog on his blog. Post exchange is practiced, but the main thing here is to find a decent blog for sharing, not just for the sake of external links.

4. Try to actively and usefully communicate in various forums relevant to the topic of your blog, pointing out your blog in the signature. This, of course, is not a very effective way to get traffic, but it is not worth it to disdain them. At least, communicating on forums, you will learn a lot of new and useful.

When working with external factors and attracting visitors to your blog, pay great attention to usability and user convenience on your blog. The task of the blog is not to get a visitor, but to keep it and turn it into a subscriber. Work on the quality of content for the blog and if it is unique and interesting, it will give the opportunity to keep your visitors and get regular readers and visitors.

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