FastandSocial.com – How to Stop Your Site Being Penalised by Google

There have been numerous horror stories in recent months of websites, both big and small, who have all of a sudden lost their rankings on Google. Certain, high-profile brands dropped off the face of Google altogether; not only for their keyword anchor terms but even for their own brand, as the search engine attempted to make an example of a larger organisation who had clearly been trying to game their system in order to improve their positions.

Losing rankings can completely destroy a business, especially if they rely on the internet for their trade. So if you are worried about suffering the same fate at the hands of Google, try following these tips to ensure that you stay on their good side

Don’t build links to spammy sites

You need to consider the types of links you are getting. If they are from sites that look poor, have little to no natural content and are only there for the purpose of hosting SEO-style articles then they are likely to do more harm than good. Also avoid spammy web directories as these have little to no value and it’s very easy to overkill on these, which is something that can make your backlink profile appear unnatural in Google’s eyes.

Start removing any bad links

Every SEO or webmaster should be going through their sites backlink profile and auditing them in detail. The bad links need to be determined and then something done to get rid of them. There are link removal services which can do this long task for you – for many sites this job alone can take up days of your time and they will also know which kind of links will do the most harm. They can then put together a strategy for contacting the sites with these links in order to get them removed.

Only link naturally

You’ll need to consider how your backlink profile looks in terms of it’s naturality; this is more important than ever. Avoid making it look like it’s had SEO work carried out on it – as Matt Cutts has often said; he would prefer it if nobody did SEO at all! Of course this isn’t really possible for those in competitive industries, so ensuring that you have a high portion of branded links and a very high variation of anchor text will help to keep you under the radar from Google.

Take things slowly and in moderation

It’s also really important that you understand that SEO is a long-term tactic. You cannot just build a load of links in the first month or two and expect to achieve top rankings straight away. Although you could do this, the success will generally only last for a very short period of time, and will often end in disaster i.e. complete removal from Google’s search results.

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