FastandSocial.com – Importance of Proper SEO Techniques and Keyword Research

Creating good content is one of the big tasks of marketers. It is important to have great and highly optimized content. Search engine optimization (SEO) does not end in creating content to a website or a blog. If the content is not search engine optimised, the customers and target clients or customers can’t get a chance to appreciate your content because in the first place, they will not see it in search engines such as Google and Bing. Not optimised content can be invisible on the Web.

Maybe you just heard already about SEO and you did research about it to understand the importance and technique. Putting it into practice is completely different. However, you do not need to be an SEO genius to make a well optimized content. Just always write for people to get high ranking in search engines.

In writing a great content, you must first ask yourself if it gives interest to your customers and prospects. Think about their needs and what likely they will search or type in search engines.This is where keyword research plays a big role. It all starts with words typed into a search box. Keyword research is one of the most vital activities in search marketing. Keyword research allows you to learn your customers better.

In business, you always have a target market, or in simple term your prospects. So, you should get the right kind of visitors to your site. Through keyword research, you can be updated with shifts in demand. As a result, you can quickly respond to the changing market conditions and create the products, services, and content that address to the needs of prospects.

The Importance of Keywords in SEO

The question you might ask at this moment is to how to judge the value of a keyword. If you own an online mobile phone store, try to analyze which words your prospects would likely to type in search box, is it smartphones or tablets? These keywords are often available to webmasters and their information can be obtained in keyword research tools. However, you cannot determine how much benefits you can get to receive traffic from those searchers. The best technique in understanding the value of a keyword is to understand your own sites. Trial and error technique is the classic and effective web marketing formula.

Keep in mind that in SEO, content is king and keyword-stuffed content must have good quality. Some sites put content that reads more like a random jumble of terms. This kind of stuff should be avoided. Search engines love quality search results that feature fresh, original, and informative content. Search engines are now capable to deliver answers on what researchers like to know.

How to write effective SEO content? Consider the following tips:

  1. Do not waste the time of a reader – it is a habit of most people today to scan first the content before reading the entire content.  Make your article interesting even at glance by giving a point of view or opinion to encourage discussion with people who both agree and disagree with you.
  2. Carefully choose effective titles to your articles – your title should give interest to the reader and what to expect on the entire article. Title is the summary of the entire article. Do not add any gimmicks. Gimmicks in the title may initially attract people but if they find out that you play tricks with them just to get their attention, they will likely not coming back to your site anymore. The technique is to use 8-10 words in the title, especially with the popularity of Twitter. People will likely retweet good content. So, it is important to limit the number of words in the title to give enough space to readers for easy retweeting.
  3. Grab the attention of readers with numbers – readers like numbers for them to quickly navigate content. Just like what I am doing right now to you.
  4. Spice up your content with great images and visuals – people are attracted in visuals since birth. Use your own images or get images on the internet and ask permissions to use them or give credit where they are due.
  5. If applicable, use lists – list can help the article become neat and organize. You can easily summarize your ideas by using list and not to mention that most people like lists as much as they do on numbers. However, some find list as annoying, so do not use this on every post.
  6. Place keyword the right way – use your keyword in the title, first paragraph, Meta tags, and Meta description. As what you have learned earlier in this article, please do not overdo it.
  7. Use subheadings – subheadings are ideal if your article is longer than 250 words to attract readers to read the entire article or to just read the portion which interest them most. Search engines are attracted to subheads too, so insert keywords in your subheads if you can.
  8. Be sure to include social sharing buttons – even if you have great and keyword optimised content but failed to put sharing buttons of social media channels, your content cannot be that effective.
  9. Share a good story – the best technique in copy writing is to share a good story. Nothing beats content with relevant information to readers.

Writing in the web might be different than you think but once you start, it is not that difficult at all. Check back your content, apply these tips, and be successful.

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