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Proper internal relinking is very important. Possessing the skills to link the pages of the site correctly, you can beat the competitors for some low-frequency queries without making any investments.icon smile Internal relink effective promotion without cost

Internal linking allows:

  • Increase static page weight.
  • Raise the PageRank.
  • Improve your search engine position.
  • Speed ​​up indexing.
  • Increase the number of page views.

This is a very, very good result, considering that everything is absolutely free)) Particularly good effect is internal linking on sites with a large number of pages. Links are best placed in the text, as search engines understand the structure of the site and separate the basement, title, sidebar and text. If for internal linking only the sidebar and basement are used, the search engine can take such links as navigation and there will be no sense from them.

So, how best to organize internal linking on the blog:

  1. It is best to select certain pages that you will move to the desired request. Let it be your best posts. We will focus on them, while other pages will support them.
  2. Create a separate page on which you place links to your chosen posts. It is convenient to do this FAQ page. This will allow you not to bother with grouping the articles you need (for example, bloggers on a separate page often provide links to articles about earnings or sape, that is, you can see the general theme of selected articles).
  3. For small sites and blogs it will be useful to create a sitemap on a separate page. This will facilitate navigation, improve relinking and indexing. If the site is large, you will have to split the map into several pages, as search engines will not digest a large number of links and they will not be indexed.
  4. Refer back to old posts and pages more often. It is very important to use the title tag . Remember: the links inside the text provide the greatest effect.
  5. To promote articles selected at the beginning, put links from other relevant (similar subjects) articles with the necessary anchor and title tag .
  6. For pumping certain pages it is very convenient to use monthly reports, for example. Also, some publish from time to time a list with the best blog posts.
  7. Use the basement and sidebar for additional internal linking.
  8. Use page 404. You can place there links to specific posts or a site map. All this makes sense only if page 404 is not closed from indexing.
  9. Use plugins for internal relinking. From the plugins advise:
    • aLinks or Cross linker- Both of these plug-ins allow you to assign links to your words. For example, when using the word “blog” in an article, the plugins automatically put a link to the face (or another one you specify) and the title specified in the plugin . I recommend using Cross-Linker as more functional.
    • WP-Most Commented Posts – displays the most commented articles on your blog.
    • MostWanted- displays the most popular blog articles. Popularity is determined by the number of views.
    • Sitemap Generator – generates a sitemap in the form of an HTML page.

10. See what relink methods your competitors use. icon wink Internal relink effective promotion without cost

Having done all these simple manipulations, you will increase attendance and the number of subscribers (due to improved navigation and increased views).

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