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Just 2 Tips You Need know in Seo

   October 29, 2014 


Fundamental seo configuration is very easy and simple but many think basic seo is hard. so what you need to do is remove this thought from your mind. if you apply the simple configuration of seo to your website in the beginning then your website has a higher chance of exposure to users searching for your search terms in major search engines.

Here are 2 simple effective seo Tips.
Titles ,url and Description.

First impression is the best impression. If a user needs your product or service they will in general perform a search in the search engine and the search engine will display results. The user can view the Title and url Description in the search results. Therefore you have to ensure your titles and descriptions jump out at them. Try to be creative in your approach ensuring you are staying on topic, try different versions, follow the data and optimise as you go. Most users click on catchy, funny on topic links when given a choice, so make sure its you link they click on.

Unqiue and useful content.
Internet users are always eagerly awaiting the latest quick fix and updates regarding the best ways to drive traffic to your website. One of the best ways is blogs. If your blog is outdated and the information in the blog is not useful to the user then user will not return to your website next time you come to mind. So keep your website updated so that you can drive more traffic to your website, More visitors to your website leads to more conversations.