FastandSocial.com – 5 Most Important Image Optimisation Tips

5 Most Important Image Optimisation Tips

  August 21, 2015 


One image is worth a thousands words. Instead of creating more and more content you can easy design an attractive image which will drive more traffic to your website. However we still need to be mindful of page load speeds below are tips for image optimisation.

Alt tag

In case there is problem in loading your page or images are not displayed then alt tags will display the Keywords which you have placed in that alt tag so that the user can get a clue to what the image is. This will also help internet bot crawlers in finding the images so they can be optimised.
Example fastandsocial has keywords in our Logo  alt tags
 <img src=”fastandsocial.png” alt=”Seo Agency London ” height=”50″ width=”50″>

File Name

While creating the file you can name the file related to the image or use the keyword in the filename, avoid using the related filename for example fastandsocial.jpg  fastandsocial.png.

Image size

Always keep your images will optimised thus reducing page load times and pleasing google at the same time.

Image placement

You should know for which situation with image should be used so that you will be able to attract more visitors and conversions.