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Pinterest Ads


Pinterest is a visual discovery engine which 400+ million people turn to every month for purchase ideas. This makes it the perfect platform for capturing people’s imagination and introducing them to your products or services.

With a range of engaging ad formats and powerful targeting, you can deliver ads with accuracy to the audiences most likely to buy from your brand.

We are a results-driven PPC advertising agency. We know it’s about more than just engaging your audience with great imagery. You want leads, sales and a great return on your advertising spend. We can help with that!

How do Pinterest ads work?

To start off your Pinterest campaign, we will start by installing the pixel – a piece of code on your website so it can exchange information with the social platform and we can measure conversions and improve performance.

To leverage the potential of the platform, you can select among the following ad formats:

  • Static ads – also known as standard pins, they include a featured image accompanied by an impactful Call to Action.
  • Video ads – another form of a standard pin are video ads, which allow you to generate brand awareness for your organization.
  • App install ads – drive more downloads for your application on the spot, without making users leave Pinterest at all.
  • Carousel ads – a visual collection of images that can be swiped through for better showcase of your products.
  • Shopping ads – the perfect format for driving more sales by connecting users to purchase directly on the platform.
  • Collection ads – an advertising format that allows you to draw the attention with a single “lifestyle” image with three smaller images below it.

Why Choose Us?

  •  Strategic planning of your individual campaigns
  •  Setup of your Pinterest account, fan page and design
  •  Setup your Pinterest advertising account
  •  Pixel integration on page and store (tracking)
  •  Target group analysis internal (Pinterest) and external (Pixel)
  •  Creation of modern, multimedia advertisements
  •  Campaign management and support
  •  Influencer campaign support
  •  Further development and optimization of your advertisements
  •  Analysis and reporting of ads and targets
  •  Consulting and branding on the social web


Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is more than a social media platform. At its core, Pinterest is a combination of search engine and social network.

With 87% of the over 450 million users using it primarly for purchase inspiration, this gives you the opportunity to serve ads to users which have a high probability to convert.

Read more in our ‘why pinterest’ section at the top.

What's possible with Pinterest?

Pinterest is not just for increasing your awareness. With hundreds of millions of users our clients are able to achieve a profitable ROAS with 6 figure ad spendings per month with the help of our strategies.

Apart from the necessity of being in front of your prospect where they spend their time, it can serve as highly profitable traffic channel that prevents over-dependence on Facebook, Google etc.

How does Pinterest Marketing work?

We start with a Pinterest business profile and create boards. Various products and services with images and videos are pinned to the appropriate boards. The uploaded images go with a keyword rich description and relevant hashtags. F&S is a Pinterest advertising agency that can launch your profile in the right way with expertise.

What benefit does Pinterest give my business over other social media platforms?

Pinterest has a high content livability, which means pins or other posted content live for long. Facebook posts and tweets stay alive only for a few minutes Thus, pins will be far more accessible to the audience than Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram posts or updates.

How Long Do I Have To Sign Up For?

If you’re thinking of giving this a shot for no longer than 1 month, this isn’t for you. Ideally, we look for 6 month agreements to ensure the best results for all parties involved and to allow proper testing, optimisation and scaling. We do not offer or promote ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes.

How much does your service cost?

Our pricing consists of a combination of fixed monthly retainer for your dedicated performance marketer and a performance percentage which ensure that we distribute your budget as efficiently as possible to maximize ROI.

Since both of these are flexible, we discuss them together to ensure the pricing fits your brand. Schedule a call below to get started.

What types of business will this work for?

Online businesses in the eCommerce, health, fitness, coaching, and finance niches who are struggling to scale revenue beyond organic reach.