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Today our agenda is very important, I would even say, a primary or fundamental topic. We discuss on the timeliness and feasibility of various seo-events. It is important for everyone to know, especially if you are at the beginning of the journey, have just started to make a project or it is still in your thoughts. 
Get down to pray.

A company called Bruce Clay, Inc. I was looking for methods that would help her build up a link mass / launch a social media campaign / [insert Internet marketing service here]. But after reviewing the website, it became clear that the foundation of SEO is too weak to support high-quality search engine rankings, not to mention link building campaigns.

The fact is that someone has to explain to the company that there is a hierarchy that needs to be considered when developing an optimized website or marketing campaign.

In deciding what to dedicate resources to, understanding this hierarchy is an important step. That is why in this article I have combined information that can be called a hierarchy of SEO needs.

The hierarchy of SEO needs is rooted in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs , a well-known philosophy philosophy that explains the various motivations of human behavior.

According to Maslow, the most basic and fundamental needs are at the base of the pyramid, and higher levels reflect needs that cannot be realized until the needs of lower levels are met. For example, a person’s priorities will not be love and affection (third level), unless their physical needs for food or housing (first level) are met.

Similarly, if the fundamental needs of the site, such as the quality of the content and the architecture of the site that meets its theme, are not met, it would be inappropriate to spend resources on achieving higher SEO needs, such as building a link mass.

So let’s gradually understand the concept of a hierarchy of SEO needs.

The SEO Hierarchy of Needs

Analytics and Intelligence

While analytics and intelligence are the first level of the pyramid, it’s best to consider it as a backdrop for all of your online marketing efforts. Without tracking data from site visits, there will be no baseline from which you can build on measuring the effectiveness of SEO.

Without analytical data it is almost impossible to understand whether your site and online campaigns are responding to the target audience of the site. Even if your website consists of one page, timely analysis will play a crucial role.

Keywords and content

Improving the content of the site – the eternal problem of each site. But it is also difficult to know where to start. Content determines how search engines and users find out what your site is about, what they can get from it, and what is its information value. Obviously, the content is in the form of text, video, etc. – must clearly define for which audience it is intended, and what is its theme.

Competitive analysis and definition of keywords are important steps in the development of site content. Make sure that you set targeted and popular keywords that match the goals of your site. Then develop interesting and exciting content based on these keywords and goals.

Optimized site architecture and page elements

The information architecture of the site should support the themes of the site content. This is in the interest of both visitors and search engines. Siling (Siloing) – is a method of creating sections of site content, distributed by topic. The creation of internal links and the directory structure, reinforcing sections on topics, determine a clear match for search engines and make it easier for visitors to search for relevant content on the site.

Similarly, web page elements must support the site content, and the site server setting must match the priorities of the search robot for indexing. Although it is not visible to users, but the benefits of this work are mainly taken into account by search engines. Search engines take into account data such as Meta-tags, Title (Title), Description (Description) of the page and other elements that determine the theme of the page. The robot.txt file indicates whether a page should be left without an index, and the .htaccess file allows you to create a convenient redirect (NC) for search engines. Try to help search engines understand the page content with Meta-data and determine what is worth indexing and what is not using the appropriate server setting.

Usability and Optimized Web Design

Website usability is important in terms of ensuring the integrity of the visitor’s work on the website. Do they find what they are looking for the first time on the site? Do the villages meet their needs? Does the text and images on the site attract attention? Is there a clear design hierarchy?

Usability and various testing are effective tools for optimizing user experience on the site. You should try to understand what obstacles to this exist, and what are the preferences of users of the site. Your goal is to understand how the site works, how easy it is to use, how often users return to it, and what is the emotional impression of the site.

Link building

If the content, structure and design of your site is top notch, sellers will start asking for links, and the organization can become active in online social communities. Then, before getting inbound links, you need to make sure your content is worth a look.

Links are an essential part of SEO success and a very significant search engine ranking factor. This gives a lot of new features. There are many ways to achieve this goal: magnetic links (comment lane – who will tell what it is?), Linkbaiting, requests for link placement. But in any case, the chances of attracting high-quality and important links increase in the case of high-quality content: informative, entertaining and original, and also in the case of close relationships.

If you are engaged in search engine optimization, optimization in social media or any form of online marketing in order to attract visitors to the site, remember that any tactics should be applied in a timely manner. Prioritize your actions and build your bottom-up online marketing campaign.

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