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SEO technology helps various business organization whether it is small or large corporate to increase their online marketing or online business. Today every business organization needs to rank their website on top in search engines and for that they pay lot of amount to SEO firms or experts. Sometimes even paying more money does not give good results in ranking. It simply means that either your website is not designed from SEO aspect or you are not selecting a good SEO firm.

SEO simply means to find some ways to increase your site appearance in web visitors search results. I just don’t understand why some SEO firms not use their common sense for doing simple SEO. I really believe that basic SEO does not require so much effort you just need to know basic rules of search engine and gets magical results in return. It does not require specialized knowledge of search engine algorithm or programming etc you only need to understand “how search engine works”? We must know the fact that the Google read all website as text. So, the first thing that we need to work on is text content.

If you are targeting some simple terms, or less competitive keywords, or local keyword with niche, surely you will get good results on ranking. Overall SEO is a complexity method but basics are easy to understand and implement. Firstly you should know for what your website is created? There is a need to think like a visitor, you should know what you are proving to visitors on your website.

People love to read fresh content, so write fresh and unique content for visitors which is relevant to your website. Make sure to use less competitive keyword and check Are these keywords are already taken by some websites in TOP 10? Expand your social network, by using social media sites available on internet, which helps to increase links to your website.  These are all link creation part and help to increase web traffic.

As we all known that Google reads website as text, so no need to get in to technical aspect of how it actually internally work, you just know the basic that search engine read a page as text and when spider come on webpage it collect the relevant information and then copies the content to database called BOT. Now the important thing is that how you place the text on website? If you can remove the space in between paragraphs, it will be great help to search engine to understand it better and you can see this in HTML of your web page code.

As spiders follow links and record everything in their paths, one can safely assume that if a link to a site exists, a spider will find that site easily. And by placing a link on already indexed site will also help you in indexing of your website.

I hope now you understand how search engine works? So you just need to put a little effort and time to get high rank of your website on search engine like Google

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