FastandSocial.com – The main reasons for the failure of the promotion of sites in Google and Yandex

Do not use prohibited methods when creating a site, and then the success of its promotion in Google and Yandex is guaranteed.

Based on the experience of professionals and my own, I want to offer for the consideration of new webmasters a small list of techniques that should not be used when creating a new site. Maybe this list will seem insignificant and even ridiculous to more advanced optimisers, but nevertheless, it is these “bloopers” that newcomers commit, and then wonder why they cannot promote their website in Google or Yandex.

So, let’s start:

1. If on the page there is a speech, for example, only about selling cars, then you should not assign the title “helicopter ball bearings” to it. The content of the page and its title should match to the maximum.

2. Do not use anything that does not speak headings, for example, “Page number 1” for the thematic site (unless, of course, we are not talking about “pages number 1”). The search system draws its negative conclusions from this – either the site is made by a non-sensing newcomer, or it is simply generated.

3. The use of the same title on all without exception (or at least on most) pages of the site is not welcome. Not only that – it is not safe for the entire site as a whole. Each page should be unique even in the title.

4. Also, do not use especially long headers, especially those that consist of a list of keywords. The title should be informative, relevant to the topic of the page and not contain more than 10 words.

5. Meta-descriptions also should not consist only of keywords, they should correspond to the content theme of the page, and not be repeated on all pages in a row. Also, never use pieces of text from the page as a meta description.

6. Do not generate default page file names, for example 1.html “> LINK], 2.html”> LINK], 3.html “> LINK], etc. Also, do not allow the use of the same in page file names keywords several times

7. Do not make a sort of “mess” out of the folder attachment structure, the folder in the main directory folder is the limit of understanding of indexing robots, if the last folder is buried “in the fifth instance”, the search engine is unlikely to index its contents.

8. Search engines do not like excessive mutual linking of the site pages, so never make such a sitemap from each page.

9. URLs of pages (URL) should not contain capital letters.

10. Follow the links on the site. Repair broken links in a timely manner or remove links to pages that no longer exist.

If you think about these simple rules properly, then you will not only save your site from unnecessary complications in promotion, but also quickly learn to avoid more serious mistakes in the future.

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