FastandSocial.com – Things to check when your Google rankings start going the wrong way! – Part 4

“To infinity and beyond!” is the catch phrase that pretty well sums up the rankings disaster that has plagued you all week. Ground Hog day springs to mind as you consider the ever so slight possibility that maybe Phil is working his magic and you’re stuck in a time bubble that you can’t get out of.

You are faced with the same rankings problem you had the day before and the day before that and the day before that, its been one of the most stressful and frustrating weeks of your life, you have been working tirelessly going through your check list looking for possible causes and as yet, are still none the wiser.


But wait!, just before you set out to eliminate the only possible reason left in your mind for the rankings slide, there are some other things we can check which may be causing the problem.

SEO rankings quick check list Part 4

Excessive outbound links
A lot of your link juice is passed on because of these outbound links. Consider reducing the number of such links (the ones that don’t link back to you). It may be one of the least probable reasons of the drop in rankings but you have got to check every possibility and it certainly should be considered as an additional cause.

Backlinks from Penalized or banned websites
I covered this slightly in part 2 but it is important enough to expand on it again here. Getting inbound links from websites or blogs that have been penalised by Google for selling text links, or excessive interlinking/crosslinking, or the site is entirely irrelevant to your website niche or theme.

A quick check to see if a particular website(or even your own) is banned, run a search using the site command. Just type in site:yoursite.com into Google and if you see the pages of the site in question in the search results you can relax, the site is not banned, if however you see nothing in SERPs, then well its not rocket science. 😉

Use of multiple Domain names
Some new webmasters may acquire this strategy in an attempt to fool search engines and give their website a little boost. They register many domains with little variation of keywords and point them all to one website. Google and other search engines are quick to punish you if you violate their webmaster guidelines using such a strategy. You have been warned!

URL changes
After a re-design, URL changes are a common cause for a big drop in the rankings for your website. Changing even the smallest detail of the sites URLs can have a catastrophic effect on your rankings as search engines will need to re-index the entire website from scratch and additionally the external links coming into the website will also be negated.

Navigation Changes
Flash navigation, javascript navigation, hover navigation etc can make your whole site structure look different to a search engine. Going from one type to another can cause a rankings disaster if not carefully managed.

This is an additional fourth part of the check list to follow when trying to correct a rankings slide, you will find links to the first, second and third parts below.

To all the bloggers who share their thoughts and experiences regarding ranking issues, I thank you, as this series would not be possible without the information that you share online.

Please feel free to add any additional comments or posts regarding this problem and together we can create a bullet proof check list to correct any rankings slide that the search engines can throw at us. Thanks for reading 🙂

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