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Tip and Tools for Keyword analysis

  December 23, 2013 
Finding the right keywords
Before optimising the you should find the Right keyword which you should optimise. select  the keywords which gives you the Business to do this you can use the tools there are many tools to optimise the best tool.
Which tool to for keyword  analysis
Which I use for  keyword tool adwords tool.  you can find best keyword in because this Tool gives u a list of the keywords which are entered in the Google search engine and its search partner So by typing you keyword you can get the list of keyword you can even categories the keywords.
Global searches and local searches
You can get the global searches for particular keyword and local searches for the keywords and then you can find correct key words for the business then more thing u need to concentrate on the competition of the keyword if competition of the keyword is less it will take only less time to take the keyword  first page in the Google but if the keyword has more competition it will take more time but once you reach your goal the keyword will generate more leads for you.
Analysis Competition of the keywords
Selecting the keywords is very important  if you choose the wrong keyword then you will not get any leads form the keywords to optimise soon  you choose the competition less keywords then it gives you no result it waste of time, money and energy.
location based keywords
while doing the local keywords if your doing a business in which you can get the more leads from the local market the you can use the use the keywords with the name of the location so that you can obtain more leads and form that then you do that option to select the country so that you know the local searches for the particular country.