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Top Three Reasons Why Long Tail Keywords Are Better Than Short Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are better than short tail keywords for many reasons. This post could easily be 5000 words long even as a condensed version, but in a nut-shell-of-an-post-of-less-than-500-words, here we go.

Reason Number One – Long Tail Keywords Are Much Easier To Rank For. One of the really, really bad things about SEO is the fact that it costs a lot more time and money than most people, business owners and even some SEO’s realise.

It is actually very common for a business to expend a rather substantial amount in terms of time and resources to rank for a short tail keywords only to find out that it doesn’t convert or is not profitable on the back end…OOPS!

For this reason, many highly qualified businesses will first launch a PPC campaign to see if the keyword is even profitable. More often than not, it is not quite as profitable as you were hoping.

Of course, long tail keywords usually push less traffic, but it is more targeted and that is important, very important. With long tail keywords, this is a little bit different in terms of profitability testing, which leads us to “Why Long Tail Keywords Are Better Than Short Tail Keywords” reason number two.

Reason Number Two – Long Tail Keywords Convert At A Higher Percentage (On The Average). Pushing and pulling traffic to a website is expensive, its as simple as that.

Traffic by itself is useless if it doesn’t convert. Of course, if all you are looking for is to show off your impressive traffic numbers, The only problem is…nobody ever buys anything…which means you eventually go out of business.

But we want traffic that converts and that means we must have two things in place: a package of products, services and SEO based around long tail keywords, and “organic search traffic” that is interested in buying the product or service at “that exact moment”.

The really nice thing about long tail keywords that convert is the fact that it uses less of your resources per sale. Business major or not, you realise what this means…how does that saying go: “A penny saved is a penny earned?” I think its something like that..;)

Of course, reason number one and two pale in comparison to reason number three.. drum roll please!

Reason Number Three – Short Tail Keywords Are Now The Equivalent Of Having A Bulls Eye Between Your Shoulder Blades. Yep. You read that correctly. Big “G” is now targeting (intensely, I might add) websites and pages that rank for short tail keywords.

The question to be answered in each mini-court-case will be: Does this site or page rank naturally for this short tail keyword or does it rank synthetically via a targeted SEO campaign? If that latter is decided to be true by the SEO jury, make no mistake, you will be finding yourself going down in a “Blaze of Glory”.