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A website in most cases is the first port of call when a prospect is looking for information, products or services, would you agree? So here at we take your website very seriously whether you require an upgrade or a complete overhaul.

Your company website designed by us would be developed using wordpress cms platform with a mobile first (design prioritising mobile and tablet devices) approach.

Since 2016 Mobile internet use surpassed desktop, more the reason to ensure mobile user experience (UX) is faultless and functions and displays on mobile devices as seamless as desktop.

Why Wordpress?

Wordpress powers a 3rd of the internets websites, it also boasts the  most powerful content management system(CMS). Wordpress is an open-source CMS that can be used to create anything from a simple 5 page website design to a complex woocommerce eCommerce shop.

Overall upgrading your website to wordpress can increase functionality and engagement that your current website lacks due to endless plugin options available. You can change the look and feel of your website in very little time.

Wordpress makes your website more manageable, available on all mobile devices and most importantly your have the option to increase security from cyber- attacks.


WordPress Themes & Plugins

A WordPress theme is a group of files that determine the look and presentation of the content on your website. Themes have been instrumental in driving the success of WordPress and allow us to quickly and easily change the way websites looks and works.

WordPress themes are perfectly complemented by WordPress plugins. WordPress themes are for presentation, and WordPress plugins are for functionality. One of the great things about using WordPress is the vibrant plugin ecosystem.

As Mentioned there are thousands of different plugins available that can help improve every aspect of your website. Once more you will just sit back and we will do the rest.

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