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Why Most Newbies Fail In SEO And Digital Marketing

Why Most Newbies Fail In SEO And Digital Marketing – Actually, the answer(s) to that question span wide and deep. There are so many ways to fail. That is not meant to be a discouraging statement, simply a realistic one. If you are going to succeed in SEO and Digital Marketing, you will have to be very wary of the following:

Lack Of Patience Let’s face it, patience will be the key to enduring the learning curve that you are about to face. Personally, I would equate it to getting a four year degree at a university. Yeah, for many, it takes that long. I find the similarities uncanny. You are, in fact, launching a business which will not be profitable out of the gate, at least not for most.

Mis-Information Abounds There are so many newbies playing the “Fake It Till You Make It” role that they might as well call themselves the “Sands Of The Sea”. What’s really bad is the fact that they all preach “Easy Money” religiously and shamelessly.

Unfortunately, all too many newbies think a “System” or “Product” that they buy will make “Make Them Bank” all the while not realising that a) the system has to be worth it’s salt in the first place and b) the purchaser actually has to follow through on the instructions.

Belief that SEO and Digital Marketing are easy are not true. It is true enough that individual techniques may be easy, but overall, you will have to become a highly accomplished, webmaster, server manager, website technician, psychologist (for selling), writer, graphic designer…Of course, all of this can be outsourced, but that is a skill that has to be mastered too.

Fear of failure is a given. Trust me on this. You will have failures…many of them…in many different flavours. Your work will be critiqued and criticised…many times brutally. None this is a bad thing. Actually, they all make you stronger.

SEO and Digital Marketing are not for everybody. Both take technical insight and persistence. Think about these things and understand that you are in this for the long haul…;) – Why Most Newbies Fail In SEO And Digital Marketing